Booksnaps in the Library

Our librarian, Mrs. Garza, worked with 4th graders in Ms. Pletcher’s class. She showed them how to create booksnaps using Google Drawing. The idea of booksnaps came from Tara Martin where a student would take a snapshot of text in a literary work (book, poem, article, etc.) and then the student would annotate the text. This is a great way for students to reflect on what they are reading and add their own thoughts in the annotations. Annotations can include text, highlights, images, and more. For this lesson, students used the “Take a Snapshot” option in Google Drawing to take a snapshot of the literary work they selected. Mrs. Garza demonstrated how to use Google Drawing to create their booksnap, and then each student was asked to create their own.

Booksnap demonstration Librarian working with students Students creating booksnaps