Hour of Code in Kinder

Kinder students in Ms. Elder’s, Ms. Keith’s, and Mrs. Negrete’s classes enjoyed working with the Code-a-Pillar app on their iPads. The goal is to program the caterpillar to get to the end by giving him directions such as go forward, turn left, turn right, eat a leaf, climb over a log, and more. The levels progressively become more challenging, but the students were engaged and even helped each other when one would find themselves unable to move on. In addition to programming the caterpillar, the app integrates some basic math concepts such as feeding the caterpillar a certain amount of leaves by counting and/or subitizing as well as recognizing numbers in different forms (words, number, picture).

Hour of Code in Ms. Elder's Class Hour of code in Ms. Elder's class

Hour of Code in Ms. Keith's Class Hour of Code in Ms. Keith's Class

Hour of code in Mrs. Negrete's class Hour of code in Mrs. Negrete's class