100th Day of Kindergarten

This year kinder students had some fun using the iPads on the 100th day of school.

As a team, the teachers decided to integrate what students were learning in science about living and nonliving organisms with the 100th Day of Kindergarten. They had been learning that living organisms change and grow over time. To connect this to the 100th day, students used the AgingBooth app to take a picture of themselves. The app adds wrinkles, aging spots, and gray hair to the person in the photo! They used this image as a springboard for discussion on how they have changed and grown since they were babies and how they will continue to change and grow since they are living!
Students were at first shocked to see how much older they looked in the photo, and pretty soon they were all laughing with each picture they took. Students wrote about how they will change and what they will do when they are 100 years old. Then they proudly carried their photos as masks during our 100 Day Parade around the school!
Hundredth Day of School Hundredth Day of School Hundredth Day of School